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Please visit and like our official page at https://www.facebook.com/HeliksUIB/, where we will update you with the latest (both academic and social) news and events at MBI. Additionally, join our group «Heliks» on Facebook, where mol-students/all students easily contact each other regarding various news and events at UiB. For some extra fun, follow us on Instagram: heliks_molbio

The two Facebook pages contain information about us, so that you can get to know us. If there’s anything you’re wondering about, please send us a PM through Facebook or e-mail us via heliks.styret@uib.no

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(Photo by: Inga E. N. Rødahl) Front row, from left: Karoline Krogstad, Silje Hjørnevik, Rebecca Wangen, Åsta Ottesen, Hilde Lien. Back row, from left: Kristine Dolva, Nina McTiernan, Marita T. Mårli, Odd-Erid Bakkebø, Ole P. Nordbø, Tina Sture, Kamilla O. Jansen, Inga K. F. Motzfeldt. The middle, from left: Inga E. N. Rødahl, Morsal Saba.

This Autumn´s events!

This is our plan for autumn 2015! However this is not a final plan and could be changed at a later date! We hope to see as many of you, new or old students this semester 🙂

For updated information, we recommend that you look at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/heliks/?fref=ts

13.08.: Grilling med nye studenter i Nygårdsparken


03.09: Vaffeltorsdag

11.09: Reunion med nye studenter/blikjent fest

17.09: Vaffeltorsdag

September: Promotering på Realfagsbygget(dato kommer)

01.10: Vaffeltorsdag

07.10: Bachelorkveld

15.10: Vaffeltorsdag

15.10: Bachelor/Master kveld

Oktober: Promotering på Realfagsbygget(dato kommer)

29.10: Vaffeltorsdag

31.10: Halloweenfest med BFU

12.11: Vaffeltorsdag

16/17.11: Allmøte i Heliks(General Meeting)

20/21.11: Julebord(Christmas Party)

26.11: Vaffeltorsdag

November: Promotering på Realfagsbygget(dato kommer)

10.12: Julelunsj (Christmas lunch)

14.12: Eksamensfest! (Finished with exams party!)

This autumn’s events!

Since last post, Heliks has arranged several events.

In September, Heliks, STIM and FMB arranged a Master party for the different Master’s programs in biology. Throughout the evening, there was a Quiz and Beer Pong. Everyone had a blast!

Bilde 2


The faculty held a midterm week “På vei” to encourage the students to plan their studies. Heliks had a stand where we informed the students about our student organization and served cake. There was also a “guess the number of pipettes in the glass” competition. Kari-Anne guessed 89, which was the corrected number! Congratulation!

Bilde 3

Bilde 4
The winner of the competition

In October, Heliks held “Bachelorkvelden” which is a gathering for the 1st year bachelor students. Here, they were informed about the different compulsory and elective courses in the bachelor’s degree. After the presentations, it was time for questions and pizza was served.

Bilde 5
Vegard presenting for the bachelor students at «Bachelorkvelden
Bilde 6

In November, Heliks arranged the Bachelor/Master evening. Master students from different labs presented their projects and how the life as a master student is. Representatives from the department, NIFES and Haukeland shared their experience. The evening was ended with pizza and socializing.

The first upcoming event this semester is the general meeting. We will discuss what we have been doing this semester, as well as our plans for next year. A new board will be elected. The meeting will take place tomorrow, the 24th November in the N-terminal at MBI at 16.15. Heliks will be serving cakes!


3rd of December Heliks is arranging a Christmas lunch with gingerbread, “gløgg” and clementines. Christmas carols will be played and this will give you a break from the exhausting exam period.


The lunchroom at the MBI study hall has been upgraded! The computer table was removed and two new ones were set up. In addition, we got a new sofa. The lunchroom is now more comfortable and has room for more people!

Bilde til blogginnlegg 2
In action shot: Tables being set up.

Every other Thursday Heliks is selling waffles in the loop (5th floor at MBI). The next (and this semester’s last) waffle Thursday is the 27th of November, so don’t miss it!
Bilde 7
We look forward to see you all at our events!

What’s coming up this autumn!

October has started and the autumn is well and truly here! It has been a bit quiet from us in Heliks the last month, but behind the scenes there are a lot of planning going on for upcoming events…

First up is the Bachelor Evening, which will be held Monday the 27th of October. This is a brand new event that we really hope will benefit the students! It is mainly for first year bachelor students, but we are also inviting second year students to come along. We will talk about and give you advise on upcoming courses in your bachelor degree. We will talk you through the compulsory courses and give our recommendations and tips for choosing your elective courses. There will also be a little talk about going on exchange for those of you who might want to do that! The Heliks board members will be there to answer any questions you might have. Afterwards there will be pizza too!

In November we continue the success of the Bachelor-Master Evening that has been held the last couple of years. This is an event mainly for bachelor students in their final year! Here you will get the opportunity to hear from some of our master student at the department of molecular biology. They will tell you about what they are researching and their experiences in their lab group. Hopefully this will give you a taste of what it is like doing your master at the department of molecular biology! Heliks will also be serving you pizza!

Next week is the “På Vei” week at the Mat-Nat faculty! Heliks will be at Realfagsbygget Tuesday October 14th from 11.45-13.30 together with the other student organisations. There are rumours about a competition and cake too, so come say hello 🙂

Heliks is on Instagram! Here from the MOL300 lab
Heliks is on Instagram! Here from the MOL300 lab

On another note: Heliks is expanding its horizons in the world of social media! We are now on Instagram and snapchat! Follow us: heliks_molbio

We will be posting pictures from events and from our daily life as molecular biology students! If you have any pictures related to molecular biology or our department, feel free to use the hashtag #heliksuib

Don’t forget Waffle Thursday, every Thursday in even numbered weeks (42, 44, 46…). Upcoming events, including dates for Waffle Thursdays, can also be found on the front page of the blog/web page!

The Heliks board memebers hope to see you throughout the autumn, at our events or through social media!

Since last time…

A new semester arises, and Heliks has been busy.

We made a grand entrance at Rebusløpet during Fadderuken. We had an awesome post consisting of a tasting contest, a mustachi-o-meter and hardcore labratory work to give the students a taste of the life of a molecular biologist.

It was a huge success and everybody seemed to have a lot of fun – altough that might have been the alcohol..

Mustachi-o meterHeliks Heliks being kidnapped



Heliks was invited to join the StudentKamp at Kvarteret the 30th of August

So we, being the underdog and the «little guy» stepped up and decided to take on our very own bar at Kvarteret!

We got designated the room called Halvtimen, and due to our past success with the Hawaii-theme, we decided..

if it aint broke, why fix it?

So we turned Halvtimen into Hawaii, pineapples and all!

We had a lot of fun! And hopefully so did everyone else!


Jobbsøkerkurs med Karrieresenteret

Heliks arrangerte i samarbeid med Karrieresenteret et jobbsøkerkurs for molekylærbiologer. Eivind Olsvik holdt kurset på vegne av Karrieresenteret. Vi ble tidligere kjent med Eivind på Karrieredagen i februar. Det var godt oppmøte på kurset med studenter fra bachelor- og masterstudiet.

Kurset ga oss et generelt innblikk i hva som er viktig i prosessen når det gjelder jobbsøking, CV og søknader. For oss som molekylærbiologer kan det være vanskelig å finne jobber som treffer innenfor kategoriene som vi tenker at vi passer innunder, men kurset gjorde oss bevist på hva vi må se etter i en søknad.
Gjennom vår utdanning har vi mange fordeler gjennom selvstendig arbeid, strukturert hverdag, analysearbeid, samarbeid og det er ikke altfor mange av oss. Så for å oppsummere det hele: vi må ha tro på oss selv og da med oss de positive egenskapene og erfaringene vi får ved å studere molekylærbiologi ved MBI.

jobbsøkerkursGod kaffesnacks er viktig


Bli med og gjøre Heliks enda bedre!

Vi strekker hånden ut og ber dere alle om en stor tjeneste.

Vi er veldig interessert i hva studenter på alle årstrinn mener om Heliks, og ikke minst hva dere mener om eventene vi arrangerer. Liker du fester? Liker du filmkveld? Liker du kanskje å gå på pubquiz? Dette er slikt vi vil vite og vi har derfor nå laget en spørreundersøkelse som skal hjelpe oss med å få svar. Vi vil gjerne at du blir med på å forme fagutvalget ditt, og vi ønsker derfor at denne undersøkelsen blir besvart av så mange som mulig. Hvis du deltar er du også med i trekningen av en premie 🙂 Alle besvarelser er selvsagt anonyme.

Følg denne linken for å svare på undersøkelsen:


Hilsen Heliks

Busy busy March

A lot is going on for us in the Heliks board at the moment, and that means that a lot is going on for you as well. Tomorrow there will be a master meeting for third year bachelor students who are interested in taking a master here at MBI. The meeting will be held at the N-terminal, the 5th floor seminar room at MBI, and will start at 10.15 and go on until 12.00. This meeting will answer most of your questions about taking a master here, so we would recommend you to go 🙂 (I would also recommend you to take your master here, I mean, who else that this caliber of awesome Fagutvalg?)

Introduction to IVF with Snorre

On Thursday 13.03, Heliks invites you all to come and learn about IVF, in vitro fertilization, with us and Snorre Eikeland from Klinikk Hausken, which some of you might remember from the career day. Snorre is a funny guy who has a keen interest in us students, so this is going to be both educational and entertaining. The event starts at 18.00 and will end around 19.30. Heliks will be there with snacks, coffee and tea 🙂

Read more about Klinikk Hausken at http://www.klinikkhausken.no/

It looks pretty cool

Party Like A Master

Because of the huge success we experienced last year,  Heliks in collaboration with STIM and FMB are throwing a party exclusively for master students this spring as well. The party will take place on Friday 21. March at K1/K2 , the colloquium/ seminar room at the biology building in Marineholmen. If you were there last year, well, you probably remember the large circle of ecstatic students singing Bohemian Rhapsody like our lives depended on it, or maybe that part was a little fuzzy, we don’t blame you.  If you weren’t there.. you missed something great. Luckily for you however you now have a second chance 🙂

We can promise quiz, beer pong, and an unbeatable mood. BEvERages and other stronger refreshment for sale all night, bring cash!

This year the annual Molecular Biology Career Day went big

This year, the Career Day took place at VilVite, and we had an amazing turnout!

All of these would never fit in the N-terminal..


First was NIFES, represented by Ole Jakob Nøstbakken, followed by Marit Valseth from Innovation Norway. Third in the group was Randi Hovland from the Centre for Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine to talk about her normal day at Haukeland. After the three first presentations, Heliks served everyone free cakes, fruits and refreshments.

Needless to say that was popular!


After the short break, Petter Frost from MSD animal health talked about his job and his normal day, followed by the Norwegian Environment Agency presented by Norith Eckbo. Last in this group was Katharina Tufteland to talk about Statoil, and what she, with a PhD from MBI, does for them. When this group was done presenting, Heliks invited everyone to free lunch consisting of a variety of baguettes – in addition to fruit and refreshments. Also in the break, Karrieresenteret had a stand for people to ask questions about writing CVs, applications and attending job interviews!

The presenters were open for questions during the breaks

After the awesome lunch, it was time for Renate Skoge, who is a PhD student at MBI, to talk to us about her time, experience and path to and through MBI. Klinikk Hausken followed with Snorre Eikeland who was one of the popular ones last time, and he delivered an enthusiastic and good presentation this time as well!
Lastly was Frank Mikkelsen from BioSense to talk to us about BioSense and the different industries one can choose with a scientific degree.

The last presentations of the day, was held by Marianne Holmedal who works for Aker Solutions, with a masters from MBI, and the Institute of Marine Research represented by Anna Wargelius and Sussie Dalvin.

After each presenter was done, they received a small gift from Heliks as thanks for coming to our Career Day!

From left to right, Helene (RU representative), Karina (Nestleder), Ina (Leder)


Heliks would like to thank everyone for coming, both student and presenters – and we hope this day was inspiring and useful to you all! Thank all of you who answered our survey – we got really good feedback that we hope will contribute to making the day even better next time!

Quiz at Kvarteret

Tomorrow 22.02 Heliks will be joining the Tuesday quiz at kvarteret. We will come early and snatch a table, so pop by and join us :-). Heliks will be there from 19.30, and the quiz starts one hour later. This is a golden oppurtunity to justify drinking beer on a Tuesday, don’t miss it.

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