This year the annual Molecular Biology Career Day went big

This year, the Career Day took place at VilVite, and we had an amazing turnout!

All of these would never fit in the N-terminal..


First was NIFES, represented by Ole Jakob Nøstbakken, followed by Marit Valseth from Innovation Norway. Third in the group was Randi Hovland from the Centre for Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine to talk about her normal day at Haukeland. After the three first presentations, Heliks served everyone free cakes, fruits and refreshments.

Needless to say that was popular!


After the short break, Petter Frost from MSD animal health talked about his job and his normal day, followed by the Norwegian Environment Agency presented by Norith Eckbo. Last in this group was Katharina Tufteland to talk about Statoil, and what she, with a PhD from MBI, does for them. When this group was done presenting, Heliks invited everyone to free lunch consisting of a variety of baguettes – in addition to fruit and refreshments. Also in the break, Karrieresenteret had a stand for people to ask questions about writing CVs, applications and attending job interviews!

The presenters were open for questions during the breaks

After the awesome lunch, it was time for Renate Skoge, who is a PhD student at MBI, to talk to us about her time, experience and path to and through MBI. Klinikk Hausken followed with Snorre Eikeland who was one of the popular ones last time, and he delivered an enthusiastic and good presentation this time as well!
Lastly was Frank Mikkelsen from BioSense to talk to us about BioSense and the different industries one can choose with a scientific degree.

The last presentations of the day, was held by Marianne Holmedal who works for Aker Solutions, with a masters from MBI, and the Institute of Marine Research represented by Anna Wargelius and Sussie Dalvin.

After each presenter was done, they received a small gift from Heliks as thanks for coming to our Career Day!

From left to right, Helene (RU representative), Karina (Nestleder), Ina (Leder)


Heliks would like to thank everyone for coming, both student and presenters – and we hope this day was inspiring and useful to you all! Thank all of you who answered our survey – we got really good feedback that we hope will contribute to making the day even better next time!