Busy busy March

A lot is going on for us in the Heliks board at the moment, and that means that a lot is going on for you as well. Tomorrow there will be a master meeting for third year bachelor students who are interested in taking a master here at MBI. The meeting will be held at the N-terminal, the 5th floor seminar room at MBI, and will start at 10.15 and go on until 12.00. This meeting will answer most of your questions about taking a master here, so we would recommend you to go 🙂 (I would also recommend you to take your master here, I mean, who else that this caliber of awesome Fagutvalg?)

Introduction to IVF with Snorre

On Thursday 13.03, Heliks invites you all to come and learn about IVF, in vitro fertilization, with us and Snorre Eikeland from Klinikk Hausken, which some of you might remember from the career day. Snorre is a funny guy who has a keen interest in us students, so this is going to be both educational and entertaining. The event starts at 18.00 and will end around 19.30. Heliks will be there with snacks, coffee and tea 🙂

Read more about Klinikk Hausken at http://www.klinikkhausken.no/

It looks pretty cool

Party Like A Master

Because of the huge success we experienced last year,  Heliks in collaboration with STIM and FMB are throwing a party exclusively for master students this spring as well. The party will take place on Friday 21. March at K1/K2 , the colloquium/ seminar room at the biology building in Marineholmen. If you were there last year, well, you probably remember the large circle of ecstatic students singing Bohemian Rhapsody like our lives depended on it, or maybe that part was a little fuzzy, we don’t blame you.  If you weren’t there.. you missed something great. Luckily for you however you now have a second chance 🙂

We can promise quiz, beer pong, and an unbeatable mood. BEvERages and other stronger refreshment for sale all night, bring cash!