Since last time…

A new semester arises, and Heliks has been busy.

We made a grand entrance at Rebusløpet during Fadderuken. We had an awesome post consisting of a tasting contest, a mustachi-o-meter and hardcore labratory work to give the students a taste of the life of a molecular biologist.

It was a huge success and everybody seemed to have a lot of fun – altough that might have been the alcohol..

Mustachi-o meterHeliks Heliks being kidnapped



Heliks was invited to join the StudentKamp at Kvarteret the 30th of August

So we, being the underdog and the «little guy» stepped up and decided to take on our very own bar at Kvarteret!

We got designated the room called Halvtimen, and due to our past success with the Hawaii-theme, we decided..

if it aint broke, why fix it?

So we turned Halvtimen into Hawaii, pineapples and all!

We had a lot of fun! And hopefully so did everyone else!