What’s coming up this autumn!

October has started and the autumn is well and truly here! It has been a bit quiet from us in Heliks the last month, but behind the scenes there are a lot of planning going on for upcoming events…

First up is the Bachelor Evening, which will be held Monday the 27th of October. This is a brand new event that we really hope will benefit the students! It is mainly for first year bachelor students, but we are also inviting second year students to come along. We will talk about and give you advise on upcoming courses in your bachelor degree. We will talk you through the compulsory courses and give our recommendations and tips for choosing your elective courses. There will also be a little talk about going on exchange for those of you who might want to do that! The Heliks board members will be there to answer any questions you might have. Afterwards there will be pizza too!

In November we continue the success of the Bachelor-Master Evening that has been held the last couple of years. This is an event mainly for bachelor students in their final year! Here you will get the opportunity to hear from some of our master student at the department of molecular biology. They will tell you about what they are researching and their experiences in their lab group. Hopefully this will give you a taste of what it is like doing your master at the department of molecular biology! Heliks will also be serving you pizza!

Next week is the “På Vei” week at the Mat-Nat faculty! Heliks will be at Realfagsbygget Tuesday October 14th from 11.45-13.30 together with the other student organisations. There are rumours about a competition and cake too, so come say hello 🙂

Heliks is on Instagram! Here from the MOL300 lab
Heliks is on Instagram! Here from the MOL300 lab

On another note: Heliks is expanding its horizons in the world of social media! We are now on Instagram and snapchat! Follow us: heliks_molbio

We will be posting pictures from events and from our daily life as molecular biology students! If you have any pictures related to molecular biology or our department, feel free to use the hashtag #heliksuib

Don’t forget Waffle Thursday, every Thursday in even numbered weeks (42, 44, 46…). Upcoming events, including dates for Waffle Thursdays, can also be found on the front page of the blog/web page!

The Heliks board memebers hope to see you throughout the autumn, at our events or through social media!