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This page is no longer in use. But don’t be afraid, we have just moved!

Please visit and like our official page at https://www.facebook.com/HeliksUIB/, where we will update you with the latest (both academic and social) news and events at MBI. Additionally, join our group «Heliks» on Facebook, where mol-students/all students easily contact each other regarding various news and events at UiB. For some extra fun, follow us on Instagram: heliks_molbio

The two Facebook pages contain information about us, so that you can get to know us. If there’s anything you’re wondering about, please send us a PM through Facebook or e-mail us via heliks.styret@uib.no

See you soon!

(Photo by: Inga E. N. Rødahl) Front row, from left: Karoline Krogstad, Silje Hjørnevik, Rebecca Wangen, Åsta Ottesen, Hilde Lien. Back row, from left: Kristine Dolva, Nina McTiernan, Marita T. Mårli, Odd-Erid Bakkebø, Ole P. Nordbø, Tina Sture, Kamilla O. Jansen, Inga K. F. Motzfeldt. The middle, from left: Inga E. N. Rødahl, Morsal Saba.