Koselig stemining på spillkveld

29. januar arrangerte Heliks brettspillkveld i N-terminalen på instituttet. Vi serverte frukt, kjeks, popcorn, kaffe og te, og hadde med oss et stort utvalg brettspill som folk kunne kose seg med. Stemningen var god og det var mye latter å høre. Dette må vi gjøre igjen folkens.

2014-01-29 18.17.23
Det skal ikke stå på snacksutvalget når Heliks arrangerer, dette tar vi på alvor
2014-01-29 19.05.54
Her sitter man i dyp konsentrasjon over spillet «Tante Agathas testamente» som i bunn og grunn går ut på å drepe de andre karakterene på horrible måter i alt for morsomme interaktive feller. Produsenten kaller det «Et spill med mystikk, mistenksomhet og bløff» Jeg kaller det «Et spill med skadefryd, blodtørst og utløp for innestengt seriemorderskhet. Gode barndomsminner der.


Game night and Hawaii party

The next few weeks are going to be busy for us here in Heliks, but we don’t mind, we kinda like it actually. On this Wednesday (29.01.14) we’re hosting a board game night here at the institute. We provide some games, snacks and a place to be, you come as you are and take a mid-week break from your busy life together with some other awesome molecular biologists. You can find us at the N-terminal seminar on the 5th floor at MBI. If you don’t have access to the building after closing time, we will come and get you, no worries 🙂

A bit more than a week later, on the 7 February we will be throwing a grand Hawaii- themed party at the institute. We can promise a tropical escape from the dreary February weather. Heliks will as usual be selling drinks, but this time you get umbrellas in them (Oooh). You can wear your Hawaiian shirt if you like, or maybe just something suitable for summer. The party takes place in the Incubator on the 4th floor of Høyteknologisenteret.

We hope to see you all there 🙂

-The social group



Spring 2014 – Some of our plans

Onwards to the new semester!

Look forward to waffles, game night and luau Hawaiian party in the beginning of the semester!

This semester we in the Heliks board are really getting our stuff together and we already have many exciting plans for the months to come. As usual, Heliks is selling waffles in the lunchroom at MBI (Molecular Biology Institute) every second Thursday this semester as well. The lunchroom is located in the 5th floor (Norwegian floors). We will start selling waffles on January 23, and then continue every odd-numbered week. All earnings from our waffle sales go to making better and funner events for you.

A long held tradition has ended this semester, as we will no longer host Finally Friday in the lunchroom on the last Friday of the month. This event will be replaced with other activities held in the last week of every month. The first such event is taking place already on January 29 when we will be hosting a game night for all studentsJ. We bring games like Alias (Norwegian), Twister, Trivial Pursuit and Kokkelimonke (Norwegian) and you are welcome to bring your own.

On February 2, Heliks escape reality and host a Hawaiian luau party in the fourth floor teaching room (the Incubator). We can promise a hot atmosphere, umbrella drinks, hula rhythms and a tropical mood. So bring your hula skirts and Hawaiian shirts and join us.

The career day, where Heliks invites representatives from various companies to talk about job possibilities for molecular biologist, will be held on February 13 at VilVite on Marineholmen. Last year’s career day was a huge success, with a total number of visitors that exceeded out counting- abilities. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Mark these dates in your calendar! (Do it!)

23.01 – We sell waffles in the Loop (MBI lunch room)

29.01 – Game night

07.02 – Luau Party (Hawaiian party) In the Incubator for all Mol students and guests

13.02 – Heliks’ career day, VilVite – centre


Later events will be posted!

Minutes from General Meeting

Hi everyone!

The minutes from this semester’s General Meeting can now be found at the «Minutes»-page. Here you will find a summary of Heliks’s work this semester, and also a list over the new Heliks board for next semester.



Heliks board, Spring 2013

DSC_0014Finally, this terms Heliks board!

Top, from left: Helene (Council of Institution), Elisabeth (Vice-Chairman), Ingvill (Council of Institution), Ina (Practical group), Sandra (treasurer), and Anniken (Programme board)

Middle, from left: Karina (Info group), Mari (Chairman), and Ingvild (Social group)

Bottom, from left: Lorentze (the Realist committee), Kjetil (deputy), and Rasmus (Social group)

Not present: Kristin (Programme board), Lynn (deputy), and Gard (deputy)

Report and pictures from the Molecular Biology Career Day 2013

poster molecular biology career day 2013


There were seven speakers showing how versitile one is as a molecular biologist!

The day started off with a presentation by Kjersti Mezeth titled «My road from MBI to Statoil». She gave us an inspiring insight into how one might benefit from thinking outside of the molecular-biology-box when searching for jobs, and reminding us that we´re more than just molecular biologists! Bottom line, don´t think you´re not qualified for a job just bcause it doesn´t say molecular biologist in the job discription!

–> A tip on getting a foot in at Statoil: http://www.statoil.com/no/Careers/JobOpportunities/VacantPositions/Pages/1692543389.aspx


After Kjersti, Randi Hovland from the Centre of Medical Genetics and Molecular Medicine, Haukeland, showed us how molecular biology is used when trying to deduce the reason for different illnesses, both in treatment and research on these diseases. This is molecular biology in action and can really help putting what we learn in lectures into perspective.


MBI´s «own» Håvard Foyn talked about life as a PhD-student, and also gave information on how the PhD-«system» works, covering work hours, salary, the difference in 3- and 4- year scholarships, and the possibility to go abroad to work with collaborators. It was a «demystification» of the PhD-life, and a well-presented one at that!


Nina Vadøy from the County Governor of Hordaland represented the possibility of using your masters degree from MBI to more than lab-work! She talked about her days working in the Environment and Pollution department at the County Governor, and also spoke about which tasks and roles the County Governor and Environment and Pollution department have.


Sadly Bjørn Olav Kvamme from the Institute of Marine Research was unable to come, but Snorre Eikeland from Hausken Fertility Centre managed to fill the time with an inspiring and interesting talk on IVF and his days as a molecular biologist at the clinic. He spiced up the presentation with time-lapse videos of cell division, and the extra time just flew by! Hausken Fertility Centre are setting up shop in Bergen, at Flesland, in 2013, and although they won´t be hiring in the begining, it´s well worth keeing an eye out for possible job openings.


Anja K. Østre represented a field researching molecular biologists can´t be without, namely the suppliers og lab equipment, be it pipettes or huge centrifuges. Anja started working in VWR in June 2012, very shortly after finishing her MSc in Medical Cell Biology. She spoke about what she´s done so far at VWR, and also gave us some tips when applying for your first job.


Ståle Ellingsten was our last speaker, and told us about his days working as a researcher at NIFES, the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research. Here he works with a project on toxicity using zebra fish as a model organism. Job oppertunities at NIFES could include working as a lab technician, researcher, a PhD- student, or completing a postdoc.


Throughout the day there was served coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit, cakes, with baguettes for lunch. This was all generously sponsored by the Department of Molecular Biology, UiB. A record number of participants of 85 attending shows that there clearly is a need for days like these, and we in Heliks hope you found the day as inspiring and interesting as we did!








A website full of videos with helpful hints in the lab. E.g. how to remove air bubbles from agar plates!

The videos are made by a team of grad students who, in their own words, want to make the transition from coursework to lab work easier, by providing you with useful tips that aren’t found in textbooks. And just to be clear, techniques shown in the videos should be used according to your own lab’s safety regulations. The videos are to be used as assistance and guidance only.

Find labtricks here!